Importance of agency theory concept

It involves the problem of directors controlling a company whilst shareholders own the company. Pierre Bourdieu[ edit ] Pierre Bourdieu — was a French theorist who presented his theory of practice on the dichotomical understanding of the relation between agency and structure in a great number of publications, beginning with An Outline of the Theory of Practice inwhere he presented the concept of habitus.

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What is the role of agency theory in corporate governance?

The agent is socialized in a "field", an evolving set of roles and relationships in a social domain, where various forms of "capital" such as prestige or financial resources are at stake.

Examples of principal-agent relationships Shareholders and directors The separation of ownership and control in a business leads to a potential conflict of interests between directors and shareholders.

Stakeholder theory may be the necessary outcome of agency theory given that there is a business case in considering the needs of stakeholders through improved customer perception, employee motivation, supplier stability, shareholder conscience investment.

George Ritzer examines these issues and surveys the structure agency debate in greater detail in his book Modern Sociological Theory The different interests of principals and agents may become a source of conflict, as some agents may not perfectly act in the principal's best interests.

Structure and agency

This separation is a key assumption of agency theory. These conflicts present normally ethical individuals with opportunities for moral hazard. Stakeholder theory The basis for stakeholder theory is that companies are so large and their impact on society so pervasive that they should discharge accountability to many more sectors of society than solely their shareholders.

The reference to perceiving objects as "colors". Key concepts of agency theory A number of key terms and concepts are essential to understanding agency theory.

Agency theory

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Importance Of Agency Theory Concept. Agency Theory Agency theory is widely used in different companies, businesses and organizations Agency Theory is basically about the association between the boss, which is the Principal, and the worker, which is the Agent.

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Importance of agency theory concept
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